Lower Face


HA Fillers, Muscle relaxants, Aqualyx


From £200

Treatments Time

30-60 minutes


12 months approximately


Mild to moderate


None, topical and/or local anaesthesia
At LW aesthetics, we specialise in the non-surgical treatment of the lower face and jawline. The treatments help to provide definition to the jawline, reduce the appearance of marionette folds, and help contour the jowl region. This is achieved by creating volume and support where it has been lost. Primarily performed with fillers and muscle relaxants, we can achieve fantastic looking natural results.

Treatments can range from helping reduce the early appearance of heaviness in the jowl region, all the way through to full support of the lower face.


Jane attending wanting help with the jowl area which can be seen from the pre-treatment photos were quite lax.

After discussing options, we decided, with our budget, to focus directly on the pre-jowl sulcus (area in front of the jowl) and marionette fold (shadowing from the corner of the mouth running down).

We managed to achieve a very pleasing result in a single session, producing a sharper, more contoured jawline and reduction in jowl appearance. The photographs taken are directly before and after treatment.


Cathy came to us wanting some honest advice regarding her lower face. On presentation she had quite pronounced jowl formation and may have been more suited to a surgical approach due to the degree of skin laxity. However, we did feel that it would be possible to reduce the heavy appearance of this area using fillers alone, so with realistic expectations we agreed to undertake the case.

As can be seen from the pre-treatment photos, as well as pronounced jowl, Cathy had a dominant chin area. Our challenge was to soften the appearance of the jowl and well as feminise the chin. A layered approach was adopted. Firstly, we treated the chin, pre jowl sulcus (area in front of the jowl) and angle of mandible. We then treated the Marionette fold area directly, at both the deep and superficial layers.

This combination provided an extremely pleasing result to achieve lift, correction of volume loss of the marionette, a sharpening in definition of the jawline and a return to a more feminine shape of the chin.


Dee attended for consultation requesting treatment advice with a more holistic (full face) approach. For confidentiality reasons we have focused on lower face with the jowl, jawline and marionette areas presented.

As can be seen from the pre-treatment images, Dee had some heaviness in the jowl area which created shadowing of the marionette folds and blunting of the jawline. By placing filler product in the midface (cheek) and angle of mandible we created support indirectly, and then focused on direct augmentation of the prejowl sulcus, marionette fold and chin.

The post treatment images show a marked improvement both softening off the shadowing of the marionette and sharpening of the jawline. This was achieved over two sessions focusing on midface first followed by lower face.


Joanne came for a consultation, wanting to discuss treatment options to help with the jowl area and shadowing at the corners of the mouth extending down (called marionette lines). She had become particularly conscious of this over the last few years.

Our plan was to try and lengthen the lower third by treating the chin as well as treat the jowl area directly. I also felt that by having a subtle lip augmentation the focus of the eye would shift slightly away from the jowl area and provide more balance to the lower face.

Overall a very satisfying result was achieved. High quality fillers integrate with the skin extremely well and we often find that results tend to improve over a week or so. All treatment was undertaken with HA dermal fillers.


Wendy came to us requesting a treatment to the lower face. This simple treatment provided quite a dramatic improvement in the lower face, giving the appearance of a sharper, more defined jawline.