Lip Augmentation


HA Fillers



Treatments Time

30 minutes


Treatment dependant 6/12+


Pain mild to moderate


None, topical and/or local

Lip treatments can be undertaken for a variety of reasons. Very popular with younger clients to create volume, HA fillers are also used to restore, support, define, evert and provide volume to an aged lip.

Treatments may be a one-off session or require a staged approach dependant on our end goal.

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Using just under 1ml of product this case focused a little more on volume and enhancement of the cupids bow. We were also able to maintain that little area of space in the centre of lips called the ‘o ring’, an extremely attractive feature that Hayley already had.


One of the most satisfying cases we have treated. Sue had a few difficult factors to contend with. Firstly, she had semi-permanent make up (lip tattoo) and secondly, she was edentulous which means the bone density of her upper and lower jaw had resorbed and there was little natural support of the lips.

Using a technique to place filler behind the lip muscle we managed to achieve an extremely satisfying result creating both support and eversion of both lips. This was completed over a couple of sessions using 2ml of product.


Our aim in this case was to provide some crispness to the border and cupids bow and provide some subtle volume which helped with the fine lines over the surface of the lips. We also did a little work on the very fine lines above the upper lip. A very natural looking result using around 3/4 of 1ml of product.


As a first-time lip treatment, Joanne requested a very natural looking result. Using around half a mL of product we provided some very subtle volume and a little definition.


This case involved dissolving filler away from the upper lip. Performed over a couple of sessions, we then re treated with filler on a third session. Providing more balance between top and bottom creating the volume and definition that younger clients like Charlie tend to prefer. We used around 1ml of product on this case.


As a first-time treatment, Chloe wanted a very subtle result to enhance the upper lip. As well as a very subtle volume enhancement we also created a cupid bow peak. Although the lower lip could have benefited from a little more volume, Chloe wanted to keep this very subtle. We always involve our patients during the procedure, achieving their goals rather than ours.


Although Nell already had a lovely natural shape to her lips, in this case, the lower lip needed a little more volume. Nell’s face shaped suited a more 1:1 upper to lower lip ratio. A well as volumising the lower lip we also provided a little more definition to the upper and lower lip. We used just over 1/2Ml of product.


Julie always wanted to have a little more height in her top lip, without too much volume. This is again, an example of listening to the client in what their aesthetic goal is for lip augmentation. We achieved this with just over 1/2ml of product.